Friday, July 22, 2011

White's Law of Halo Damping

If I perceive "The Government" is taking care of it -- or might take care of it -- or might not approve of what I do to take care of it -- at worst, I can relax awhile. At best, I can forget about it entirely. I egotistically call this "White's Law of Halo Damping." My personal response is damped within the halo of perceived government action. --L. Reichard White,  The Securitized Housing Investment Trust Has Hit the Fan By L. Reichard White - Price of Liberty 

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Anonymous said...

There could be a double meaning to the "damping of the halo" -- it could also refer to the dimming of the person's halo, since they are not called upon to be a good neighbor as much, if they think "the government" will take care of the problem, whatever it is.